Chimac Pub & Fried Chicken

Chimac Pub & Fried Chicken

Chimac Pub & Fried Chicken

500 Queen St W

Toronto, ON

In Toronto over the Canada Day weekend, I wanted to hit up a Korean Fried Chicken place. While we’ve got tons of different food options here in Windsor, our Korean game is weak. Certainly we don’t have anywhere that specializes in KFC.

I have to admit, I’ve been to other KFC style places in Toronto, and I think I may have liked others better. The service was good, and so was the food, but something didn’t overwhelm me as a place I’d return.

We started with some Korean Soju, which the owner tried to talk us out of ordering… It’s a light alcoholic beverage, that reminds me of a Korean version of Sake.

We started with mango salad with some imitation crab meat. It was pretty good.


Next up was a mountain of Korean Fried Chicken. Again very good, a bit heavily sauced, but I suppose I could have opted to have the sauce on the side.

Finally the meal was capped off with Lychee fruit, stuffed with egg. Interesting, and tasty, but not sure I loved it either.


Overall a good meal, food was fresh and tasty, but the overall experience left me kind of meh.

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